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Experienced Professionals

We have computer repair professionals that have been working in the field for years, so you can expect high-quality repair services done right the first time.

Expert Technical Skills

Be it any technical difficulty your computer faces, we have a technical expert with the right skills to fix your computer quickly.

Friendly Service

You can talk to our professionals about any confusion you have during the repair procedure, as they are friendly and will share preventive measures to keep your computers running for a long time.

Excellent Reputation

We have been operating in the industry for years and have offered highly effective results, which is why people trust us enough to recommend us time and time again.

We offer virus removal services where we detect and remove harmful software from a computer or device.
We upgrade computers where we improve the hardware or software components of a computer system to increase its performance or capabilities.
In hardware installations, we physically install a new hardware component into a computer system.
upgrade your PC or computer!

Custom PC & Laptop Repairs & Services

Whether you want to customize your PC or get your laptops repaired, we do that for you by repairing, upgrading, or building custom computers and laptops to meet specific user requirements, all at a competitive rate in the market.
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Business Computer Repairs


Is your computer not working properly? Don’t worry; we provide every solution to fix your computer, where we identify and fix issues preventing your computer from functioning properly.
Finding the right place

From routine maintenance to complete computer repairs, We Fix Just About Anything

Computers are complicated, and to ensure they run properly, they must be regularly maintained. We help you maintain
your computers by providing several services you can choose from.
Liquid Damage
Liquid damage is a common issue affecting computers, including laptops and desktops. This happens when liquid, such as water, coffee, or soda, comes into contact with the electronic components of the computer, causing damage to the circuits and other parts.
Custom Desktop
A custom desktop is a computer that has been built to meet specific requirements, preferences, and performance needs. So, whatever design or features you need on your PC to have, we will create one for you.
Data Recovery
Data recovery refers to the process of retrieving lost, damaged, or corrupted data from various storage devices such as hard drives, solid-state drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, and other digital media.
IT Support
We provide services to help users resolve technical issues related to computer hardware, software, and networks. It includes help desk support, hardware and software maintenance, system upgrades, and installations.
diagnose your issues

We can Solve your Hardware and Software Problems


Customer Reviews

Get to know more about the quality and types of services we offer by
reading through the testimonials of our customers.

“Buckeye is the best in the business. Troy provides excellent service, prompt, and is extremely knowledgeable. We have used him for several businesses and for personal, we wouldn’t use anyone else!”

- Gail Miller

“I have been using Buckeye Computer Service’s home service for my laptop computer and later my husband’s computer, printer etc. since we moved to Raleigh from Virginia at the end of 2019. The business is excellent and the owner is not only prompt, knowledgeable and easy to work with but he always comes to my rescue when I call. I highly recommend his services.”

- Brenda Sosnoski

“We recently had a Microsoft update automatically installed on our 9 year-old desktop computer. After installation, we received an unavailable boot error. Buckeye was called to evaluate the computer for repair. Service provider was very prompt in response time to contact us, as well as evaluate the problem. It was determined that the hard drive could not be repaired. Service provider was able to download all of our data, including software keys, onto a flash drive so that we could reinstall everything onto a new hard drive.”

- Helen Spain

“Troy is FANTASTIC. His knowledge base is astounding. He cleans our computers often, sets things up, stops the panic button, helps transfer from old comuters to new, sets up printers, faxes, whatever – he does it all. Troy is so good, professional and personalble. I’ve recommended him to many friends and they all love him. If you need help he is that person! 100%!”

- Erin Bohner

“After checking it thoroughly, it was determined the computer had basically died. None of my data was accessible, and that included all my documents, saved e-mails, Internet favorites and 5000 songs. Troy was able to recover all of the lost documents and put them on a detached hard drive I had given him. I wasn’t home but he delivered it to my house. That night, he remotely walked me through the process to put them on my new computer. He also helped me set up the new computer. The price was very reasonable and I highly recommend him.”

- Nathan WEEKS

“He is always fast and the repairs actually get done properly. If, for whatever reason, someone needs more help (usually my mother), he is always very accommodating. I have personally recommended Troy to numerous customers and clients of mine over the years in the Raleigh Triangle area and he has always done a great job!”

- Eric Erickson
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