Raleigh Computer Repairs

Your computer can often be a big part of your life. Paying bills, communicating with friends through email or Facebook, finding things to do - it very possibly is even a big part of your WORK life. And when it goes down? You need it fixed - FAST.

Buckeye PC can help you with:
  • General Computer Repair
  • Email not working
  • Computer won't boot
  • Browser going to OTHER pages
  • Can't open files properly
  • Can't launch software programs
  • Can't connect to internet
  • Can't connect printer
  • Remove computer virus
  • Wireless network problems
  • Failed Windows Updates
  • Stop blue screen errors
  • Computer locks up/freezes
  • Computer shuts down unexepctedly
  • Out of space on hard drive
  • Computer upgrades
  • Weird messages popping up

Owner Troy Alcorn has been solving computer problems in the Raleigh NC Triangle area including Garner, Clayton, Cary, Morrisville, Smithfield NC, Selma NC and beyond for the last 6 years and has over 2 DECADES experience in the IT industry solving problems for corporate groups, small businesses and home users to boot. Helping people get their PCs running again is his primary goal.

Why Choose Buckeye PC Repair?

Because most repairs will be made RIGHT on the spot, there is no undoing of cables, no taking all the sticky notes off, no lugging the machine to the car, or into a store - or worse - standing in line. There is no waiting for a call to come pick up your machine and go through the whole thing in reverse.

at a time that is CONVENIENT for you!

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Guaranteed Computer Repairs

As a matter of fact, doing the repair on the spot is actually much better for you. We can actually make SURE that your computer is talking to the network and printers, working properly in YOUR environment properly before we tell you your computer is fixed! No getting home and having problems getting everything hooked back together again - or discovering later that the problem is NOT fixed. OR hearing "Well, it worked fine here..." but the Windows machine is NOT working in YOUR house - where it really counts.

When we leave, your computer is FIXED.

All of our work is guaranteed. We want you to verify it before we leave to make sure we have SOLVED all of your computer problems!