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Uh oh. Your PC is making a new sound. And it’s not a good one. If you own a computer, it’s going to happen at some point. PCs aren’t like your toaster – they’re more like your car. Your PC is going to require regular updating, regular care, and regular maintenance. Things like software updates, operating system updates from Microsoft, driver updates, antivirus updates, backups and more. If you don’t do these things on a regular basis, you’re playing with fire – and you WILL end up getting burned. Hackers and viruses prey on unprotected machines out there! If you can repair your own computers, great! If not, there’s Buckeye Computer!

Raleigh Triangle Computer Services

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If you’ve got a new, and unpleasant, sound coming from your machine, it could be any number of things. From a failing fan, a failing power supply or maybe even just a buildup of “gunk” (yes, it’s a technical term) in your processor fan which can make a terrible and scary noise. If you’re not comfortable cracking open your case and juggling electronics, call Buckeye PC for all of your computer repair needs in the Triangle area, from Wake & Johnston County and beyond. We can take a look at your problem usually the same day and let you know what the problem actually is. We’ve been doing this for over 15 years, and if there’s a problem, we will find it. If you want us to take care of your PC repairs after talking to us and getting a free estimate, we’ve got your machine covered! We’ve got 20+ years of experience in all kinds of computer services.

Upgrade Your Triangle PC

If your computer is dragging, or the hard drive has just indicated that it is about out of space, it’s a great time to call us and ask about computer upgrades. It can be something as quick and simple as popping in some additional RAM memory to speed up a sluggish PC or installing a new SSD to load your operating system much faster than a hard drive could dream of. We can transfer all your data to a new bigger storage solution to help you keep up with all of your data be it family photos, massive 3d scans, video files, etc. Whatever it is, we’ve got your PC upgrade covered from start to finish!

computer upgrades
computer upgrades

Custom Computer Builders

Have you been interested in getting your own custom computer – possibly for gaming – but you’re just afraid of getting ripped off by a system integrator but not knowledgeable enough to build one yourself? Good news, we’re big PC enthusiasts here at Buckeye PC, and we can build 100% custom computers for you! You can either source parts yourself or we can order them for you from sites like Amazon, NewEgg, etc. To build a PC you’re going to need a case with good airflow, case fans, a power supply, RAM, storage, a motherboard, a compatible CPU, a compatible CPU cooler (air or liquid), and a graphics card. Something as seemingly simple as compatibility between components can be difficult to ensure, between AMD & Intel CPU’s and different CPU & cooler mounts for each. All we need is a price range and a general level of power that you’re expecting – from there we can build you the beast of a PC that you’ve always wanted! Learn more about custom computer upgrades.

New PC Setup?

So we’ve taken an in-depth look at your old computer, and it’s not looking too good anymore. It will likely cost you more to fix it than it would to get a new faster desktop or laptop computer. Well, you’re still in luck – because we can steer you towards the perfect computer for your specific needs. We can either design and receive it for you or we can tell you where we recommend getting it FROM. Either way, it will take out the whole, “Oh wow.  Did I get the RIGHT PC??” From your own little custom gaming computer to something economical that will handle anything your kid may throw at it for homework, we’ve got you covered! If you need a computer, you need Buckeye PC.

computer services

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