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Most PC application software can be installed by users without any assistance, but every once in a while, something gets tricky.

Whether you’re planning to upgrade Windows or move over to Linux, some PC hardware that DID work on prior Windows version will NOT work smoothly on newer versions. Some software that worked may require tweaking to work on newer Windows versions or may NOT even work at all. Business computers are especially relevant in this case with legacy systems being the big one.

When a PC holds a lot of business data and something goes wrong installing some specific software, there is the off-chance that the data that business relies on may become corrupted and unusable. It could be that the software does not install correctly or completely, or it may be that there is some incompatibility with other software on the machine. Use your best judgment, but sometimes it IS better to call a PC repair company ahead of time to help. There’s nothing worse than having a major technical problem ensue that takes you out of commission waiting for someone to get there to repair your business computers.

Buckeye can help solve software problems or even reinstall the operating system (OS) when needed and keep your files safe. Many times, a good computer cleanup can and will solve your problems. In other more severe cases, particularly when viruses are involved, a Windows reinstall or even clean Windows install is really needed. Buckeye will advise you of the computer repair options as well as the suggested solution.

If the software is just not working the way you think it should, contact us for assistance!

Upgrade Your Personal Computer Hardware

computer upgrades

Sometimes a quick upgrade is all that’s needed to make older computers come to life. Memory upgrades (upgrade RAM), hard drive upgrades, optical (CD/DVD) drives, graphics cards, additional USB ports and others – these are all items with upgrading possibilities. Actually most anything can be upgraded on a desktop computer, but these are the most popular PC upgrades. Notebooks have fewer options and tend to be more expensive to modify due to more proprietary configurations. Desktop cases though usually are “wide open” as far as modifications and upgrades.

Computer Memory Installs/Increase Ram Memory

The single biggest improvement that can be made to almost any unit is to upgrade RAM memory. Until recently, off the shelf units frequently came with a fairly skimpy amount of memory. While computers have a minimum RAM requirement, this in no way provides optimum performance. Windows XP should have realistically about 1 gigabyte (GB) of RAM memory minimum. To really perform, 2 GB is great. Windows Vista and Windows 7 should have 2 GB of RAM for minimum performance and 4 GB or more to really scream. We personally like the 8 GB to 16 GB RAM range to make things hustle right along, but you DO need to be running one of the 64 bit versions to use that much RAM. Find out more about the services that we offer at our pc services page including onsite computer repairs.

How is Your Network Working?

We do get a number of calls where it really is NOT the computer – it’s the wireless networking that is causing a major slowdown. People will be trying to work on the computer and they feel like the computer is going slow. In reality, many times, the computer is every bit as bored as you are.  It’s sitting there waiting for a slow network to give it data to work on.  Give us a call and we can come onsite and help you figure out EXACTLY what the problem is!

End users CAN upgrade their own RAM memory. It’s not a difficult upgrade. It’s probably trickier to find out what kind of memory to buy to fit your desktop or laptop. You can look up your computer online and get the specs for the memory upgrade, but it isn’t always accurate. It’s best to crack open the case and check out the existing memory sticks and the configuration before buying any new memory sticks.


computer upgrades
computer upgrades

Build Custom Computers

Do you have a specific computer need? We’ve built machines to spec for local labs and gamers. If you have a particular need or desire, we’re the company to call to build custom PCs to YOUR specifications! We ourselves are big PC enthusiasts so we do our best to stay up on the latest progress in terms of graphics and processing power. We’ve met so many people over the years that either don’t have the time or lack the knowledge needed to build a computer – and that’s okay! When you have an expert put it all together you can rest assured that you won’t accidentally break anything, do anything wrong, or cause yourself any extra problems.

Moving into the NC Triangle area? Check out our on-site Raleigh NC Triangle Desktop PC services!

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