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At our location in Clayton, we specialize in computer repair. Being part of the community and offering top-notch customer service is what drives us every day!

PC Computer Repairs in Clayton NC

Find out more about all types of PC computer services that Buckeye can handle for you!

computer services repair clayton nc

Repairing PC Computers and Cleaning

Every day, we perform general computer cleaning on computers for clients. Many come to us when their machine is running slowly – sometimes due to a virus, but oftentimes because they simply haven’t had their computer cleaned thoroughly before. While doing it yourself can be effective, getting professional help is always more efficient and reliable.

We know what makes your computer tick and can get it running optimally! Contact us to book an onsite PC repair, or bring your machine into our Clayton location for a speedy drop off repair and delivery back to you the same day! We know exactly how to keep your machine running optimally!

Have a computer virus on your Clayton computer?

We will perform a general file cleaning on your computer – get rid of all those temp files that have accumulated throughout its usage. We’ll check your registry to delete any remnants of old programs or entries that don’t function correctly any more, perform a quick scan to prevent virus issues, and finally defragment it thoroughly for optimal performance!

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New Computers in Clayton?

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People often bring in computers that have reached the end of their usefulness. Repairing such PCs can be more expensive than simply getting a new one, and sometimes it’s just cheaper to buy one altogether. We can find you or point you towards an excellent new (or even refurbished) computer if interested. Our staff members are honest about your computer; rather than charging you for hours and hours of labor on something that won’t even be functioning at its full potential after we finish, sometimes it works out that way – and we will always remain upfront and honest when we see it coming.

Are you uncertain about Windows 10 or 11? If you have any queries related to your computer, operating system, or anything else tech-related, we would love to work with you.

Sometimes your machine doesn’t quite perform as expected right out of the box. Many times, however, this is something easily fixable – people just don’t know how to do it themselves. That’s why we’re here for assistance – to make your machine do exactly what you want it to!

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