wireless networks

Wireless Networks

If there's one thing that completely throws most users for a loop, it's home networking.

WEP, WPA, b, n, a, CAT cables, rollover cables, modems, cable modems, routers, wireless routers – and what the heck is a switch? And this Gigabit stuff? There’s a lot of terms that we get asked about – and it really isn’t rocket science.

wireless networks

Your internet is accessed either by plugging into a router cable modem or by using a wireless connection. When the internet stops working, we may have to work off of unstable connections like hotspots. If you work online, you know this isn’t an option. Interruptions in internet service are fixed quickly at Buckeye Raleigh computer repair services.

It isn’t always something requiring us to repair your computers. It’s often just a simple setup or configuration issue. We can cut through the geek stuff for you and get you setup. We’ll take a look at what you have and get you online.

We can even speak to the cable company for you when needed to help resolve your issues. We try to take the trouble out of your computing experience.

Now, if you want to take it on yourself, check out our Basics of Computer Networking page for an overview of what is entailed. While computer networking can LOOK hard or seem like it’s the realm of geeks with special training, for the average computer network setup, it’s not.

Putting Together YOUR Network

Most people have more than one “network-able” device in a location and it really helps if they can communicate. With a few computers on a network, iPhones, tablet PCs, Droid tablets, media servers, wireless printers, and SO many more types of connectable devices, many things such as file sharing/transferring, access to printers and sharing internet connections can be very helpful.

These days, getting your machines “on the same page” is simpler and easier than ever – but not without its perils. Many people can set these networks up themselves. They can get their PCs connected to the internet without a problem. But how about people getting back into YOUR network? Encryption is a must to protect your networks. Someone randomly driving by your location could very easily access your network if improper networking has been set up. All it takes is one jerk to throw some garbage into your network to unleash malware problems on your home machines.

Buckeye will network your PCs with wired/wireless connections as desired to provide you appropriate protection. It’s not complex, but many people are just not aware of the methods needed to protect a network.

Trust Buckeye to give you the additional peace of mind to prevent curious folks from peeking at your documents and internal devices. Small networks can be easily set up to provide printer and file sharing between your computers in a morning or afternoon. Call us today so we can get you all set up!

wireless networks

Networking Home Computers

wireless networks

Home computer networking is a slightly different beast than networking business PCs. The goal with a home network is to usually give complete and total access to all devices with all the data available. This can be things like shared media folders available on the network, shared documents, pictures, and any number of things. Right on up to requiring serious performance with a custom gaming PC and needing monster connection speeds!

In a home network, if you have more than a couple machines, Buckeye recommends making one of those machines your “server” – and we use the term loosely. It’s a whole lot easier to keep the majority of files on a single machine designated as the primary host machine. Some locations will have a single central server and that is one of our preferred ways of setting up a home network. Others tend to have a looser setup with shared folders on all the computers. Honestly, it’s just plain confusing when you have a computer network with a bunch of machines and network shares. Sure, the computer geeks will be able to find everything, but when you put the average home user in that situation, they’ll likely have problems just figuring out where the network machines are! We do get a number of Triangle pc repair service calls that are really just to set up home networks – usually wireless network setups. Make everyone’s life easy: designate a single machine as the source of all your network shared files, put in proper network shared folders, and drag a shortcut to everyone’s desktop that’s on the network.

Home Networking Solutions

Have something a little more modest? Need to get the iPhone to the internet, do some wireless printer setup, use your shiny new tablet pc from the deck? Call Buckeye for knowledgeable home networking.

wireless networks

Contact us for any of your computer related needs! At some point in your computer’s life you’ll need it to be serviced, and we’re who you need to come to if you want quality.

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