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At our location in town, we repair computers daily. Smithfield serves as our dropoff point so that we get to see many local PCs first-hand. As proud members of the community, we strive to offer our customers the highest level of service!

PC Computer Repairs in Smithfield NC

Find out more about all types of PC computer services that Buckeye can handle for you!

computer services repair smithfield nc

Repairing PC Computers and Cleaning

Every day, we perform general computer cleaning on computers for our clients. Many come to us when their machine is running slowly – sometimes due to a virus but often because they’ve just never experienced proper computer cleaning before. While performing your own computer cleaning can be beneficial, hiring an expert to do it for you is much more efficient and reliable.

At our Smithfield branch, we understand the inner workings of your computer and can quickly provide on-site PC repairs or drop off repairs for same day turnaround! With us, you won’t be left waiting long for repairs to be completed – usually within just a day! We understand what makes your machine tick and know exactly how to keep it running optimally! Contact us to book an on-site PC repair today or bring in your device for quick dropoff repairs at our Smithfield location and enjoy top notch quality results!

Have a computer virus on your Smithfield computer?

We’ll do a complete cleanout of your computer’s files – getting rid of those accumulated temp files. We’ll scan the registry to detect any leftover pieces from outdated programs or entries that don’t seem to function correctly anymore, run a quick scan for viruses and bacteria, then defragment it correctly for maximum performance!

smithfield computer services repair smithfield nc

New Computers in Smithfield?

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Many people bring in laptops that are older and not in excellent condition, which can cost more to repair than buying a new computer. We can find you or direct you towards an excellent new (or even repaired) system if interested. We always remain honest about the condition of your current machine; rather than billing you for hours of work on something slow and useless at the end, sometimes it just works that way! Trust that when we see signs that this may be necessary, we’ll always be upfront with you about it.

Are you uncertain about Windows 10 or 11? If you have any queries related to your computer, operating system, or anything else computer-related, we would love to work together.

Sometimes, your machine won’t run quite the way you expect it to right out of the box. Most often, this is something that can be changed quickly and easily so that your machine does exactly what you expect it to do – but many people lack knowledge on how to make changes themselves. That’s why we’re here: to help!

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