fix slow computer

Fix Slow computer

We're great with slow computers, and we can revitalize them in most cases.

A lot of startup programs get launched the moment you power your computer on, meaning your computer’s CPU usage will be higher from the moment you turn it on, and that translates to slow computer performance.

We get plenty of calls for computers that don’t have big issues like a virus popping up every 15 seconds or a blue screen issue. Sometimes your computer may just be slow. Buckeye PC is the company you can rely on to get your slow PC fixed. Through general cleanup and optimization we can get most computers running faster.

In most cases, we can get your machine running factory new! We do the same things to fixing slow PC issues, but we focus a little bit more obviously on nice general system improvements more than fixing a blue screen or something along those lines.

Many times a general speedup/cleanup on your desktop or laptop can be done within an hour. There are always exceptions, but we’re always open to at least taking a look to see IF we can speed up your computer at all for you! Contact us for a consultation so we can better understand your PC problems

When it's time to NOT fix that slow PC

If you have a computer that was built before 2017 or so, you likely WILL have a machine that’s NEVER going to be as fast as a newer PC – even after work is done to try and speed it up. Also, it will take us a while to DO the cleanup on it as these PCs are generally much slower than what is currently on the market, so navigating around will just take us a lot longer.

Home computer cleanups on a current machine can take 2-3 times as long on an old unit. We’ll be the FIRST to suggest to you that it might be time to get a new desktop or laptop, and we can tell you where to find the best prices. We know if we treat you like we would like to be treated, you’ll call us one day when you DO actually need our Raleigh Triangle Computers Services!

fix slow computer
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On some older PCs, servicing it will cost as much, or more, than buying a new one. No kidding. Even when we’re done cleaning up your PC, you’re still going to have an old computer that’s going to be a lot slower than your neighbor’s due to the old hardware that’s inside it. 

If it’s not too old, we CAN upgrade your PC to give it a little more life. The newer the PC, the cheaper it is to service as we can work it faster. When we have to sit there and watch the loading bar grind away for 2 hours trying to install Microsoft Office, it pains us as much as it hurts you having to pay the bill for those two hours of watching your computers run. 

We’d rather send you to the store with a shopping list than waste your time and money trying to repair a computer that just shouldn’t have any money spent on it! After you’ve had it for a while, upgrading your computer is going to be more than worth it.

Transfer your data to a new machine instead

The good news is that we can always transfer the data from your dated PC to your new FAST one with a simple onsite repairs service call. Sometimes if you have a lot of data, we may want to work on it overnight for the sake of safety. In most cases, we can do it for you on the spot! And it will take a lot less time than trying to resurrect that old vintage Windows 98 laptop – and it will run a lot better for you. So if your computer is running slow and you need a speed up, contact us now!

fix slow computer

So if your computer is running slow and you need a speed up, contact us now!

is your computer excruciatingly slow?

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