Speakeasy speed tests and new modems

twc-speed-testGreat early mid-morning Raleigh! Yuppers, had the friendly Time Warner Cable guy right here at my house workplace in Raleigh. He was a really friendly helpful individual called Reginald. Silly modem/router has actually been bouncing for the last 3 weeks and often knocking me offline for approximately 30 minutes at a time. When you live on the web, that is an eternity.

All connected once again with a smokin’ hot brand-new digital modem/router and it’s knockin’ those specs well.

Get a modem speed test from https://www.speedtest.net, they’re free and reliable.

Naturally, I likewise utilize http://speakeasy.net/speedtest/ – a good third party take on that modem speed.

Why You Ask?

speedtest-speakeasySo why would I use a second test you ask?  I just have a lingering feeling  that if a TimeWarner website for THEIR customers detects a TWC IP, then it may provide a somewhat inflated reading. Seriously, I’m NOT jaded. Well, possibly a bit. Well, all right, color me jaded … BUT, they came out very similar.

What’s coming down the pike?

Chatted a few minutes with Reginald at the end.  Did hear that they are taking a look at topping out cable digital modems at a cool new high – 100 Mbit. That’s as quickly as our LANs were moving just a few years ago… AMAZING. Though that is the download speed. I think for home use, they have it as high as 10 Mbit today, however the tech indicated he thought that would also be increasing. Not that I effectively think that I require that much more. Going from 1 Mbit to 5 Mbit was an incredible thing – and is about all I require right now. Regardless, it’s just amazing to think that we will have that kind of speed.  I remember sitting watching my 9600 bit modem downloading a file and taking several minutes to download a file of a few K.  Wow.  And now I’ll be able to work almost like I’m sitting on a LAN? Yowsa.

How about AT&T

Spoke to a buddy last night who was really strong on the AT&T Uverse things though. Stated it simply blew TWC away on lots of fronts. Really well may have to check that out a bit more. I believe the girlfriend chatted with Time Warner Cable on the phone (when it was working) the other day, and got my bill to about 200 or so per month. From exactly what my pal showed, he’s got considerably more service for about half that price. Of course, that can likewise be an introductory offer. Had to do a little digging on that. I think a huge piece of my expense is the prolonged service adn all the digital boxes around your house. Don’t actually even HAVE any premium networks in that bill. DO have phone, cable and the high speed web. You ‘d think for a couple hundred dollars, you may have more channels just out of the “Seriously, I pay you over $200 a month – do you think maybe I can get a premium channel included there just as a thank you ??”.