Most Common Computer Repair Problems

computer upgrade memoryIt’s not uncommon for a computer to act up once in a while. Sometimes it has little to do with its age or brand. There are just certain computer problems that are very common and need a few quick fixes to get things up and running again. Have you ever experienced any of the computer repair problems mentioned below?

Virus attacks

This is especially common when your computer is often on the web. These are other pieces of software commonly known as viruses, getting into your computer without your consent and making certain changes. Virus attacks can slow down your computer and make it harder to operate. You may even experience pop up ads that appear whenever you get online. Antivirus software is used to prevent such malicious attacks from ruining your computer’s software.

Very slow speeds

Other than virus attacks, computers can slow down due to many other reasons. For instance, if the computer has utilized all its resources or is left with very little space, chances are that it will slow down. You need to get rid of items like programs which are not in use in order to free up the computer’s resources and increase its speed. Slow speeds can also be as a result of an application that is weighing down your computer.

Cannot connect to the internet

Sometimes your computer may fail to connect to the internet or any other network. In other cases, the connection will be very slow. This may happen due to several reasons. It may be a problem with the computer’s adapter or the network is just not strong enough. Changing the computer’s adapter settings or network settings can resolve this issue. It could even be a problem with the hardware.

Very noisy

This often happens when your hard drive is experience issues that can lead to failure. You can notice loud sounds whenever you want to play anything from your hard drive. The drive may need to be replaced because it tends to deteriorate overtime.



Power button not working

You can press the power button but there’s nothing taking place. This could be an issue with the power supply. The computer may not be receiving any power. You need to either have the batteries checked or ask a computer repair expert in Raleigh to assess its hardware. There could be some broken wires on your charger that are cutting off power supply to the computer.

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