What to Do When you Have Laptop Issues

With laptops being used by students and employees alike to attend Zoom meetings and complete work all day long, there’s no surprise that we’ve seen a huge increase in the amount of work we have had to do on laptops. One thing we will say right off the bat – if your computer is running slow you need to look into how much RAM your system has. If you’re only looking at 4 to 8 GB’s of RAM then that right there is likely to be part of your problem. We can upgrade your laptop computer and add more memory for you though, and get you sped up and able to multitask better!

Keycap Replacement

Sometimes keys fall out or break altogether given enough use. These kinds of repairs can sometimes be simple fixes requiring more determination and patience than tech skill. If you purchased your laptop new from the manufacturer, it should come with a service manual detailing how to replace keyboard keys. Before unscrewing everything and possibly losing small pieces, be sure to gather the parts and tools you’ll need for the repair. You’ll also want to set up a workspace in which to operate on your device.

If you’ve taken a crack at it – or have decided that’s not for you! – and couldn’t quite figure out a solution, contact Buckeye PC and we’ll see if we can’t figure out a way to help you out.

Storage Issues/Loading Times

Your hard drive is the warehouse of all your precious photos, files, and information. What happens when yours malfunctions? Well, if it breaks fully you will be lucky to recover any data. When the time does come to upgrade your storage, we highly recommend at least getting a 256GB SSD to act as your boot drive. That means Windows and all of your most critical applications will boot far faster than those housed on your hard drive.

Screen Replacement

With your laptop just sitting all over – it’s no stretch to imagine the screen being broken by accident. You could always just plug your laptop into an external monitor and use it that way, but that defeats the whole purpose of having a laptop! We can also help you figure out what screen protector is going to be best at helping save your laptop next time around.

Liquid Damage Repair

Anytime you even think your computer may have gotten wet, it’s critical that you take immediate action. First, unplug the power cord and pull out any other cords. Sending juice to a wet laptop is the last kind of problem you want on your hands. Lightly dab at the moisture on the computer, making sure none has seeped into the vent holes at the top of the keyboard. Finally, flip the laptop over and prop it up, screen facing down. At this point, all you can do is give it a few days to dry. We can get in there and do our best to dry out the internals for you, but there’s never a guarantee it will work again.

Whether you decide to handle your repair on your own or you head to a local repair shop right away, consider stopping by Buckeye PC. We’ve got the expert tech resources to fix whatever laptop issue you may have, but we’re also here to offer you quality customer service. You shouldn’t have to wait forever to get your precious device back, especially in the midst of the school semester! Drop by or give us a call today to start your essential repair.