Taking Care of Your PC’s Battery

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As times goes by, a PC’s battery life begins to deteriorate. You end up using it for a few hours and it goes off. Good thing is that you can maintain a high battery life by taking good care of your machine. We will share with you some best practices to help you get the best service from your PC’s battery.

Change the settings

To start off, you may want to change your computer settings to ensure the power is used efficiently so as to conserve the battery energy. You can do this by going to the settings sections and selecting the power option then opt for the power saver mode which will automatically change certain aspects like dimming your computer’s brightness in order to conserve the energy used.

Shut off internet when not in use

Most people have a habit of leaving their WIFI or Bluetooth on when it’s not in use. This only ends up consuming a lot more battery energy. When you are not using any of these features, shut them off. You will end up reducing the number of systems that are burning power and saving the PC’s battery in the process.

Use hibernation

Putting your computer to sleep may not mean shutting down the power completely. However, when the computer is in hibernation, the power will be shut down completely. Hibernation is the best sleep state if you will not be using the computer for a while because it utilizes no power. It helps to save your battery life.

Close running apps which are not in use

There could be so many apps on your PC in the background that you are not using but they are burning power. If you are using Windows, you can always check the systems that are running in the Task Manager. Close the ones that you are not using to save on power.

Contrary to popular belief, leaving your device plugged in to charge for a long time doesn’t wear out the battery. Modern PCs are designed in such a way that the battery will only charge up to 100%. However, if you are planning to leave your laptop for a while without using it, disconnect it from the charger. It’s also a good practice to make sure the laptop is charged at least to 50% before you switch it off.

All these tips can help you to safeguard your computer’s battery life. But if ever you’d have some problems with your machine, get in touch with https://www.buckeyepc.net for professional assistance.