Replace LCD Laptop Screen

If there’s one thing we hear a lot of, it’s “Can you replace my cracked laptop screen?”  We get that a lot.

Cracked LCD Laptop Screen

You usually KNOW if you have a cracked LCD screen…

The beauty of laptop computers is that they CAN go anywhere. The downside to that is that laptop computers usually take a lot more abuse (not necessarily intentional) than their bigger desktop PC cousins.  That can frequently result in things happening that are a little out of the ordinary.  Laptop computers can get knocked off a table with one quick catch of a power cord while someone’s walking by. While the motherboard inside usually is safe and has plenty of protection, the LCD screen on your laptop can only take so much flexing before it will crack.  And it happens. Often.

Sometimes, you are just greeted with either a black screen or a screen that flashes briefly and then goes black.  These LCDs do sometimes just go out even without a nasty drop. Buckeye Computer can solve your laptop screen problem!

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Replace your Laptop Screen

If your laptop screen is damaged after a drop or something being set on top of your laptop, you’ll know it quickly. The cracks will be pretty evident – and VERY annoying. While it won’t prevent you from using your laptop, it looks horrible is very distracting. Thankfully, replacing the laptop display screen is usually not a major issue. Most laptops come apart pretty easily to replace the screen. A lot of screws involved, but it usually does not require completely disassembling the whole laptop.

Laptop Screens are Custom Orders

DVI Connector on a TV

DVI Connector on a TV

Because there are so many laptop screens out there, we usually will NOT have your exact model in stock. We can work with you to get your laptop repair knocked out and running as fast as possible depending on when you bring your laptop into us.  You can call us ahead and give us a heads up so we may look up your LCD screen to make sure we can get it in for you in a timely fashion. We do like to take a look at the laptop or tablet PC though before we order anything. Many times, people think that it is their screen that has died and it very well may turn out to be an LCD inverter issue.  We can confirm that for you before we start ordering the more expensive parts!

Quick Workarounds for a Cracked LCD Screen

Replace LCD laptop screen

Replace LCD laptop screen on your laptop today

One thing that we do tell people – if you need to use your laptop and you’ve haven’t gotten it into us yet, you can usually plug your laptop into an external monitor, and even a TV these days, and view your screen in that way. This is real helpful if it’s Sunday afternoon and things got a little wild and crazy at your football party. You were keeping track of your Fantasy Football stats and darn if Bud didn’t yank the laptop right off the coffee table. And now your screen is a mess – and definitely cracked. You have a report due tomorrow morning first thing to work on after the game – and it’s on your laptop.

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Most laptops these days will have either a VGA, DVI or HDMI connector available.  If your TV was made in the last few years, it’s likely that it will have some input available for a computer. It may require an additional cable or converter attachment – none of which are expensive.  It would not be a bad idea to check this before you need it so you have the right cables if you ever DO need to view your laptop this way.  This method is also handy for watching movies on “the big screen” from your movie or iTunes collection!