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Raleigh Laptop Repair

Raleigh Laptop Repair – Put a smile on YOUR face!

Your Raleigh laptop computer is your lifeline to all things digital, isn’t it?  We see people more and more leaving their desktop computers behind and getting new laptop computers as their desktops get old. It’s nice to be able to take your laptop with you wherever you go and have everything you need at your fingertips. So what happens when your Triangle area laptop gets the hiccups?

Call Buckeye For Your laptop Computer Repair Needs!

Buckeye Computer Service can do all types of Raleigh laptop repair. All manufacturers – all models. We do suggest that if your computer IS under warranty, you do call your manufacturer first. While some of the computer manufacturers do have some annoying policies and you may end up having to send your laptop off for repairs, it’s usually covered by the company – except shipping. As well, if you discover that they aren’t going to cover your repair – such as a cracked screen when Junior knocked it off the kitchen table, it’s probably going to save you a lot of time and money by talking to us about replacing your screen or other non-warranty repair.  We’ve got your Raleigh laptop covered on all ends!

Raleigh Laptop Virus Repair

Raleigh laptop repair

Raleigh laptop repair

Your laptop virus will dig into your computer operating system the same way on a laptop as it would on your desktop computer.  Computer operating systems are really about the same on either one.  And when they get a virus, we tackle them both the same way – head on and take no prisoners. We can remove laptop computer viruses wherever they’re lurking, just like we do with a desktop computer.

Upgrade Your Laptop Operating System

One thing to keep in mind is that laptops are a lot less friendly for computer upgrades than their desktop counterparts. Many times, video adapters – a FAVORITE computer upgrade for computer gamers – are part of the motherboard (the guts of your computer) and can’t be upgraded. Some models can have replacement video cards added or replaced though – it really is dependent on the make and model of your laptop. Same thing holds true for processors – some can be upgraded and some can’t. The one thing that usually CAN be upgraded is the laptop memory. Nothing will improve the performance of a laptop more than a good RAM memory upgrade. Additionally, hard drives and optical drives (CD/DVD drives) can be replaced and upgraded without much issue!

Laptops are Inherently Different Than Desktops

Laptop Repair RaleighWorking on a laptop or notebook computer is a bit different than working on a desktop computer. Things have to be a lot more compact than on a desktop machine – after all, the laptop needs to FIT on your laptop. The laptop has parts that are a lot smaller for the most part and have a lot more screws holding things together. It’s not uncommon to find a couple dozen tiny screws (of different lengths) in front of a computer technician before they’ve even finished getting to the problem.

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As well, because each computer has to fit together perfectly, parts usually need to be ordered specifically FOR your laptop. Normally our computer repair services can be accomplished with standard off the shelf parts or easily acquired parts. Unfortunately, laptop parts are usually specific to your manufacturer AND model. There can even be variations on the same laptop model. We do keep a good stock of laptop parts around, but because there are so many manufacturers and models, it’s not uncommon that Buckeye Computer Service will need to order a part.