General Computer FAQs

Computer Disk Defragmentation

Defrag for short – Defragmenting involves getting the file parts all together in a single unit. Computer files tend to fragement over time. A computer hard drive is similar to a file cabinet. If the “A” drawer runs out of room, and you have another “A” file that needs to be put away, what Windows does is put a little note in the “A” drawer telling the operating system to look in the “C” drawer (which happened to have some spare space). Now if the “C” drawer runs out of space, another note is left pointing out where the NEXT part of the file is.

This can get to the point where a single file is scattered all over the hard drive and cause a huge impact on computer performance. A good computer disk defrag ensures that the “A” files are ALL in the “A” drawer. This can result in huge performance gains.

Do I need computer antivirus software / computer antispyware software?

If there is no valid anivirus or antispyware applications active on a computer, Lizardwebs will assume that there is a virus on the computer. Numerous data sources are available on the net that track average infection times for Windows computers when they are unprotected on the internet. This data is measured in minutes. That should give people an idea of just how safe a computer is if there is no valid computer antivirus application. Minutes.

We do know of people that HAVE survived without computer antivirus software for lengthy periods, so it CAN happen. We run it on all of our computers though.  Need we say more?

Windows Updates? Do I need them?

Ummm. Yes. You do.  If you see the little yellow shield in your system tray at the bottom right (in most cases), it means you have Microsoft Windows updates and patches that need to be applied.  Microsoft patches are most frequently computer security updates. There are patches that improve functionality, update drivers, change or add features, but most of the time, Microsoft updates are focused on improving security.

A security hole will be found that may allow hackers to get into your computer system and these patches are an answer to that computer security issue. 

There are exceptions. Certain software may have incompatibilities with updated software. Usually this is niche software that may be particular to your specific business or industry.  You will likely be alerted by the software manufacturer when this occurs and you may need for them to release an update before you can apply Windows updates successfully.  If you have software that is particular like this, you will likely already know about the issue.

Yes, you need to apply Windows updates.