Reliable Efficient Data Recovery

Recover your pictures, your financial data and moreTo a digital connected user, there can be nothing more concerning than the possibility of losing all your digital data. Many times, people have been accumulating their digital information for years. And then a horrible grating sound comes from your PC – and then absolutely nothing. Nothing will strike fear into a PC users part faster than that particular moment. Now, if you have a good back up system, you’ll just look to that to get all of your data back. In far too many cases, people discover that either they did not have the proper items backing up, or even worse, they weren’t backing anything up at all.

We can’t tell you the number of very anxious customers we have spoken to over the years who are just realizing that all the pictures they taken in the last 20 years may be gone. In the case of businesses, often all of the financial records for a company may be stored on a particular computer. If the computer goes down, all client information, invoices, Billings, payroll, and more may be gone. We have heard of many cases where catastrophic data loss has actually led to companies being forced to shut down – that’s no joke.

Buckeye PC can help both homeowners and businesses recover their data sometimes in just minutes. If it’s something more extensive, Buckeye PC can make proper arrangements to recover data from hard drives, portable storage drives, flash drives, PC or Mac, and even disk arrays. Call Buckeye today to learn more about our data recovery services in the Raleigh NC area.

Despite there being different support media like floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, thumb drives (aka pen drives, flash drives), etc, there is no absolutely foolproof solution. With the introduction of portable hard drives, many hope the search for the PERFECT solution that’s portable, affordable, hardy and sufficient for large capacity portable storage has finally been met. Currently, anyone who is set on data backup and storage only speak in terms of a portable hard disk drive. A portable hard drive is extremely versatile and will work awesomely for traditional data back up as well as to transport movies, documents, etc to a friend’s house or such.

Flash drives are typically lightweight and come encased in plastic bodies, which will make them an easy task to transport. The only part exposed may be the USB connector. They can be used on any computer or device with a USB (Universal Serial Bus) port. On the other hand, dvds and floppy disks are compatible with systems which have either CD drives or floppy disk drives. They are also faster and hold more data.

Portable hard disk drives can be found in multiple configurations along with several capacities. In fact one can possibly even locate a portable hard disk drive with the capacity of a terabyte and larger which truly is incredible and reveals all possibilities for storage of information. It is fairly easy to mount  the portable hard drives to a computer system but when you’ve got one of the large storage capacity drives, it can be mandatory to have a powered hub or, most often, a specific power supply for it.

Customers throughout the Raleigh Triangle area can feel confident that BuckeyePC will do everything possible to fully recover and restore their data. Customers in Garner, Knightdale, Raleigh, Smithfield, Clayton and beyond can contact Buckeye anytime for a a good honest assessment of the situation. There are some cases where it WILL end up being fairly costly to recover data. In some cases, Buckeye can recover your data on the spot. Other times, it will need to be sent out for very technical work – like remounting platters on a new hard drive chassis and go from there.  Regardless, the professionals at Buckeye will level with you and let you know what to expect when you call them!

There are cases where flash drives that have been submerged in water, dried then used, are actually recognized to work perfectly well, whereas that definitely is not expected from the disk drive. Flash drives can also be rewritable, though repeated data writing and erasing might damage the life of the drive. Most drives will take up to hundreds thousand cycles of write and erase before any damage is conducted. The lack of physical moving parts implies that less energy is consumed and details are easier and faster to get into.