Custom Gaming Computers

A lot of people buy off the shelf computers – but if you’re a hard core gamer – that’s NOT what YOU want! YOU want fire-breathing, frag-throwin’ speed demon that can keep pace with the hottest games. If you play the occasional game or games with simpler graphics, you probably don’t want to go to this level, but… For those of you out there who know what we’re talking about…

Custom Gaming Computers by geeks – FOR geeks!

Custom Proc ready for heat sink

Custom Proc ready for heat sink

We can build almost anything you can dream up. If you have a particular combination that your gaming buddies are raving about, let us know what it is – we can build it. If you really don’t know what you want, but DO know that your current machine can’t keep up with it and you’re dragging along at 8 fps and getting fragged regularly – we can come up with a gaming computer to give you what you want.

We can come up with your personal custom gaming monster PC for you in a few different ways.

1. You want a gaming computer and you have a budget

We understand this completely. Give us an idea of what games you’re playing and what your budget is. We’ll do our homework and come up with as much oomph for your dollar as we can. If you’re all about the performance and not the fancy LED lighting in the case and all that, we can put more towards the functional parts. If you’re truly into gaming, the fancy LEDs probably won’t mean that much to you anyway. Getting in those kills does – and we’ll make sure you’ve got all the horsepower your buck will buy!

2. Your buddy(ies) have certain existing custom gaming machines and you want something comparable

No doubt they’ll be telling you everything that they’ve got in there from the overclocked graphics card to the high performance high speed RAM DDR3 memory on the motherboard. And we’ll bet that motherboard is unlocked and has overclocking features on it too, doesn’t it 😉 It’s probably got a couple SSD drives under the hood and they’re running their game off the second drive for MAX peformance. Are we coming pretty close? You let us know what they’re bragging about – and we’ll give you a great price on it and get you fragging with the best of ’em.

3. You have a dream. The ultimate gaming machine.

We hear you, brother, amen. You want the mother of all gaming computers. Money is not an object – for the most part. You just want the biggest, baddest gaming PC that you can get and be able to keep ANYTHING that you want to play at max resolution and over 60 fps. You want the current cream of the crop i7 processor with Sandy Bridge. Have you thought about water cooling on that hot proc? You want a screaming 3 or even 4 way SLI video setup for smoking graphics performance. You will HAVE to have awesome sound able to push all 8 channels to your room encompassing sound system setup. We want to talk to ANYBODY about their custom gaming rig, but you ultimate gaming machine enthusiasts – we WANT to build YOUR machine!  If you don’t have a huge budget there’s still a lot we can do for you – check out our standard computer services.

If you want a custom gaming PC in Raleigh – you need to see what Buckeye can do for you!!!