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Remove Computer Virus – Raleigh

There is never a good time to get a computer virus. A typical scenario is as follows… You’ve gotten home from work. Had dinner with the kids. Kids are getting ready to go to bed. Some quiet time that you can go check your email, maybe do a few quick bill payments electronically. Then off to bed. Hey, an AOL email from an old friend that found me on Facebook! You open it to some nonsense gibberish and then… your computer browser goes to Russia. Oh crap.

You try to take your browser back hoping that it was just a fluke. It wasn’t. You now have several new browser windows open all with some language that you’ve never seen before and now you’ve got a screen full of… thank goodness the kids have now gone to bed. Try to close down the browser hoping that will solve it. The windows are popping too quick. You shut the computer down by punching the power button. Phwew. Averted a major disaster. Not.

So, wanting to get back to your bill payments, you fire up the computer. And everything comes up normal. You bring up your browser to go check your bank balance and… Uh oh. That language again. And.. oh my – kids are still in bed, thank goodness.

You’ve got a computer virus

This is actually likely what we call a “hijacker”. It’s main purpose is to send you to a website with the hopes that you’ll sign up for what you’re seeing on the screen. The downside is that many of those sites have OTHER viruses just waiting for you to get there. What started off as a small problem is rapidly getting bigger – fast.

What should you do?

Right off the bat, disconnect your computer from the internet. Either pull the network cable from your desktop or laptop computer, or disable the wireless connection. That will at least prevent your computer from getting any more bad stuff from the internet.

Next, start a COMPLETE virus scan with your antivirus software. You should probably give up on getting your bills paid tonight unless you have another computer handy. You should select the FULL virus scan from your installed computer antivirus software. Do NOT underestimate a computer virus. It honestly takes just seconds for a virus to get its foot in the door. IF you have a “Boot scan” option, do it. This will allow your computer to be virus scanned by your software BEFORE the operating system actually loads up. Many times virus files will be put in use by the operating system when it is fully loaded and will refuse to delete them – even when they ARE virus files. Boot scans allow you to get rid of them BEFORE they’re in use. A thorough scan can take from 20 minutes to several hours. It’s usually in the two hour range for an average computer.

Get rid of the virus files

In general, whatever your antivirus finds, let it delete it! Let the computer boot fully. If you’re not seeing anything real odd, then you may be okay. You DO need to keep an eye on things though. There is no “foolproof” guaranteed one solution to ALL computer viruses. Some do better jobs than others regardless of what they all claim. If you do see things that seem a bit odd, you should contact Buckeye Computer Service or drop your computer off for a computer virus repair.

If that doesn’t solve it – call for Raleigh Computer Virus Repair!

We use a variety of software for different computer virus issues and, since we do this all the time, we know what to look for when it comes to computer viruses. We’ll treat your computer right – and your wallet too! High tech and low cost – Buckeye Computer!