Protecting Your PC from Malicious Programs

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The web is crawling with all kinds of malicious programs that could corrupt the files on your computer, access private information based on your browsing and help hackers steal personal information such as your identity and bank account details.

Malicious programs or malware are usually downloaded into your unprotected computer from the web or transferred to it through media devices such as USB sticks and external hard drives. Some of the malicious programs are easy to recover from while other can cause permanent PC damage. To protect yourself from malicious programs on the web, you should:

Install a security program

Computer repair Raleigh experts always stress the importance of having a reliable PC security programs. A security program such as anti-virus software can protect your computer from malicious programs. This software will flag any files on a website containing malicious programs and warn you. They can also block the malware from accessing the files on your computer. Anti-virus programs allow you to run scans regularly to identify any malicious programs that may be already on your PC and get rid of them.

Avoid opening unsecured websites

You should avoid browsing through a website without a security certificate. When browsing online, always check that the website has https in the URL box. The ‘S’ shows the website is secured and safe to browse on. Websites with only “http” may contain malicious files that can attract your computer to launch malware.




Do not open or download attachments from spam email accounts

Most security software in your machine will scan and verify attachments in emails before you can download them. But malicious software may be difficult to detect and appear like a safe file only to cause serious damage to your PC after installation. Do not open any spam emails or download attachments that have been flagged by your antivirus software.

You should also avoid clicking links to unknown websites that pop up while browsing online. These programs often use click bait like very attractive headlines but once you click on the link, allows a malicious program to be downloaded on your PC.

Always scan external media devices before opening them

Scan USB sticks, external drives, and other media devices before opening on your PC. These devices can transfer viruses from one computer to another without your knowledge. Scanning these devices will flag any software, allow you to delete it before using it on your PC.

Stay proactive and always be keen when browsing the web to keep your computer safe.

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