Internet Safety Basics

pc-repair-guaranteedThere are many dangerous situations that you can expose yourself to when using the internet. You risk exposing your personal information to the outside world and making yourself vulnerable to scammers. When you don’t take the necessary precautions, you risk a virus attack that may damage your computer. Here are ways to maintain internet safety.

Stay alert

There are a lot of scams being invented daily on the internet. You need to know about them in order to understand how to avoid them. Read information on blogs and the news regarding the latest internet scams to remain aware.

Avoid clicking on everything you see

Avoid clicking on links that expose your computer to malware or that download personal information from your PC. It could be an email from someone you don’t know or a download link that looks suspicious. Whatever it is, always think before clicking to prevent computer virus removal problems later on.

Double check website URLs before visiting

There are websites that try to mimic the original site by having a URL that is almost similar. These websites are usually loaded with scammers who are looking for your personal information. Providing the information may make you vulnerable to certain scams. Always check the URL twice to avoid going to risky websites.

Know where to shop

You need to be careful about the shopping sites you use. Some of them expose you to credit card theft. Fraudulent activities are taking place on online shops. Make sure the URL has been safely secured with “https” at the top before you start shopping.



Use secure passwords

Don’t make your passwords too obvious by using your names, date of birth or other easy to guess passwords. Make sure you change the password regularly. Most importantly, avoid using the same password on different important accounts online.

Back up your data

You need to have your important data safely backed up in your computer. Check your information routinely to ensure there’s no suspicious activity taking place in your accounts.

Have a firewall in your PC

A firewall helps to ensure that your computer is well protected from cyber-attacks. You can protect your data from theft, loss or even a crash by having the right software installed in your computer. Check the firewall that is inbuilt in your system to ensure it offers adequate protection. If it doesn’t you may need to install antivirus software for better protection. There are computer technicians in Raleigh who can help you with installing the right software.

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