3 Important Computer Tips You Must Know

Make you computer work for you!

Make you computer work for you!

People typically wait until there is a problem before learning how to deal with it, and that is how it is for some folks with computer tips. Aside from that, the important thing is the here and now and the fact you are reading this article. The common story is people have their machines for some time.  They don’t usually pay much attention to what is happening with it, but then end up noticing little things.  Things like browser bars being there that weren’t, home pages coming up that you don’t remember – little things like that are tipoffs that things might just be going awry. With any luck, you won’t find that you have virus action going on, but the first tip here is – STAY AWARE of what is happening with your computer.  Just like on your car, when you start hearing a new grinding noise, you know it’s time to take it to the shop; when you see something acting different – longer boot times, new pages, new programs appearing, etc – it’s time to call your friendly computer tech.

You can find software programs that are terrific for quickly filling and submitting login forms. Of course you can search Google and find a lot, but do keep your eye out for an app that is named Roboform.  A lot of people DO like this one.  I personally like LastPass myself.  One of these days, I will end up giving Roboform a try no doubt, but for now, LastPass is pretty slick at keeping all those passwords in sync. If you have never used something like this, all you need to do is use it once, and you will never want to be without it again. These programs will save you a lot of time, but you do need to avoid putting sensitive login information in them. Need we really say a lot about backing-up your computer hard drive? A lot of people are not too good with taking preventive measures, and that is not the best prescription, here. The best thing to do is research this, and then just keep following information until you understand all the options. If you use your computer a lot and have various programs and ebooks, then you definitely want to do this. But after the initial run, subsequent backing-up will be much smoother and faster. Even if you have to save up to get what you need, it will be worth it and give you peace of mind.

When it comes to computer cookies, some of the major sites and search engines will place a cookie that stays there just about forever. Some of these are referred to as Flash cookies, and they will stay on your computer for a long time. All the common computer file cleaners are not programmed to delete Flash cookies. This highlights the fact that some major sites feel they can be invasive and deposit these files on our machines. That is one reason why some people use Fire Fox because there is a plugin or add-on for removing Flash cookies.

The above computer tips are very solid and you can use them when you need them.

You can find some very useful software that will increase the speed and performance of your computer. The more you use your computer, in time you will have a feeling for what is normal and what is slightly off normal. So pay attention to what you do, and by all means keep learning about your machine.