Repairing your OWN Computer

Raleigh Repair Hard Drive

This hard drive is a bit beyond help, but…

So you’ve got a bit of a problem with your computer. It’s acting a little sluggish and nothing else seems to be going wrong. No browser hijacks to Russian or some Eastern European country that you’ve never heard of. No excessive spinning of the hard drive. No grinding noises. No out of the blue shutdowns. Seriously, if you’re experiencing any of THOSE issues, you should probably call us now and save yourself a lot of trouble later.  There are things that really are best left to the pros! If you DON’T have any of those issues, how about a quick disk cleanup?

A Quick Fix that anyone can do

We’re going to just get some of the junk off your computer hard drive. May not completely solve your problem, but it never hurts! Go to your Start Menu (this will vary depending on your exact configuration and OS, but the idea is the same). Click it up. Go to the Accessories and then System Tools. Look for “Disk Cleanup”. Run it. This will go through your files and look for old junk files, temp files and general trash left on your system. Allow it to run and get your system a little cleaner.

Quick hard drive cleanup

A shiny new hard drive. This is what your hard drive looks like inside that silver/gray case!

Follow this up with a quick disk defragmenter run. You’ll find the disk defragmenter in the same start menu folder. After you get rid of the old files, the disk defragmenter will go through your files and try to put them in the best possible order. Sort of like putting all the “A” files in the “A” folder instead of leaving a sticky note telling the operating system that you’ve stashed that ONE piece of an “A” file over in a “to be filed” folder. Windows operating systems are not always the best at using and putting things away in a real orderly fashion and you’re just going to give it a little shot in the arm.

As always, use these directions at your own risk. We’ve never seen either of these operations cause issues, but that being said, we assume no liability if you destroy or otherwise render your computer inoperable.

If you want to take the guesswork out of it, and the sweat beads of fear off your brow, call us at Buckeye Computer Service and we’ll be more than happy to do this and a whole lot more for your Raleigh computer. When we’re done with it, your computer will be in TIP top shape.