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Why is my computer slow?

We get a LOT of Smithfield computer customers coming through the door with that question! Sometimes you just need a good computer cleaning, sometimes it’s a computer virus, and still others, the Smithfield NC computer just needs a little upgrade – like RAM memory or a bigger hard drive.

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Smithfield Computer Repair – Let us make YOUR computer happy too!

Buckeye has spent a LOT of time in Smithfield so we see a lot of local computers.And like any good hometown business, we believe in treating our customers right. We know that computer repair can be a scary thing for customers. A lot of people have their whole life on their computers these days – from family pictures, digital music, emails that they want to save to all those bookmarks you’ve built up in the last 10 years! We go out of our way to make sure that whenever your computer comes into Buckeye, we do everything possible to protect YOUR data. We have a “No Surprises” policy!

Remove computer virus in Smithfield NC!

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Clean Up Computer in Smithfield NC

Honestly, if you’ve never had your computer to a computer repair shop, your computer may really just need a good cleaning. There’s a lot of garbage that gets left in computers over time. When software is added or removed, there are traces left in the computer. Sometimes it’s stray files and other times, it’s entries left over in the registry. Those little things can cause odd quirks to pop up every once in a while. When you bring your Smithfield computer to US (or more often – when we come to YOU), we go through your computer, get rid of those temp files and stray files, remove unwanted programs, make sure you don’t have any viruses hiding out on your hard drive and get your hard drive all tidied up.

Fuquay-Varina Computer Repair Technician

Fuquay-Varina Computer Repair Technician

Registry cleaning comes next.We go through your registry and get rid of all those leftover bits and pieces and eliminate those odd behaviors – like certain files not opening properly or even trying to open up with the wrong program. We’ll check all your startup programs and make sure that you really need them. There are a lot of programs that think they’re really important, but honestly, if you only use them once every three months, do you REALLY need it running 24/7?

Let us show you what a good computer cleaning can do for your computer in our Smithfield computer repair shop today! Call or come by. At Buckeye PC, we always offer free estimates and reasonable diagnostics – and usually same day computer repair service!