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BuckeyePC - In Home Raleigh PC RepairsIs your Raleigh computer acting up? If you’re like a LOT of people in the Raleigh Triangle area, your computer or laptop probably plays a big part in your day to day life. Banking online. Shopping online. Finding new places to go. Learning about local events and news. Communicating with friends online with Facebook or email. When your computer goes out, your life can come to a complete halt. And that is NEVER fun.

Same Day* In-Home Raleigh Computer Repairs

Your best solution for PC problems? Buckeye Computer Services. Plain and simple. Owner Troy Alcorn has been providing TOP quality service to corp, small business, and home customers for over a decade. PC repairs, virus removals, computer setups, speeding up slow computers – when Buckeye says YOUR computer is fixed, it IS fixed.

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Buckeye PC can help you with:
  • Raleigh Computer Repairs
  • E-mail is not working
  • Computer won’t boot
  • Browser going to OTHER pages
  • Can’t open files properly
  • Can’t launch software programs
  • Internet won’t connect
  • Can’t print to printer
  • Get rid of computer viruses
  • Wireless network problems
  • Failed Windows Updates
  • Getting blue screen errors
  • Computer locks up/freezes
  • Computer shuts down unexepctedly
  • Out of space on hard drive
  • Hardware/Software upgrades
  • Weird messages popping up

Why Should You Choose Buckeye PC?

Most computer problems can be resolved ON THE SPOT the SAME DAY. You don’t need to untangle that annoying mouse cord, crawl under your desk to get some cables loose, hoist everything out to the car, drag it off to the computer repair place, stand in line, explain your problems, then go home and wait for a phone call. And when you GET that phone call? You get to do it all over again. In reverse. NO thank you!

at a time that is CONVENIENT for you!

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Guaranteed Raleigh Computer Repairs

It honestly works out a lot better all the way around if we fix your PC at your location. A lot of times, problems end up being with the internet connections. When your PC is sitting on a known very high speed internet connection at other repair shops, those technicians will think things are great. And then YOU get the computer home, and it STILL drags. When we work on your machine in YOUR environment, we can check your network, check how you have your cables hooked up, look at your routers/switches, go over and check out your printer… All of those things that carrying your computer TO the repair shop just WON’T fix – WE can!

When Buckeye PC tells you your computer is repaired, you can sit down in front of it (besides watching the repairs being MADE the whole time) and check everything out BEFORE we leave – not drag it home, put it all together and then find out they really DIDN’T fix the problem – and off you go again with the whole repair store visit. Wow. Why would ANYONE choose that option??

When we leave, your computer is FIXED.

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* Over 90% of repair visits are same day!