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Computer Repair Knightdale NC

Computer Repair Knightdale NC – Let us show you big town quality with home town service today!

Big town quality, home town pricing!We don’t spend half our advertising dollars to try to make you think we’re big. We pride ourselves on BEING the small town shop that can and will talk to you like a person when you bring in your Knightdale computer for repairs.

We will tell you in English what the problems are with your computer, what we can do to fix it, and how much it will cost – at hometown pricing! We offer FREE diagnostics services and FREE estimates. Even better – most of the time we can get your computer straightened in the same DAY! But above all, we give you honesty. If your computer really just isn’t worth fixing, we’ll tell you. We look out for our hometown customers like we do our own friends and family.

Knightdale Computer Repairs

Knightdale Hard Drive Repairs
Replace hard drives
Data Recovery
Remove Computer Viruses
Laptop/Notebook Computer Repairs
Slow computers
Computer won’t boot
Upgrade Windows
Blue Screens
“Just not working right”
Can’t login / Forgot password
Documents missing/Desktop links all gone
Install new printers/hardware

Remove Computer Virus from your Knightdale computer

Knightdale Computer Repair Services

We offer all the computer repair services that you expect. From general computer cleaning and hardware upgrades on to hard drive data recovery in those extreme cases. And of course, we remove computer viruses day in and day out.

General Knightdale Computer Cleaning

The easiest and quickest computer service to get your computer running in top shape is a good, thorough computer cleaning. We will take your computer, in either of our convenient locations, and give it a solid once over. Buckeye Computer Service will make sure there are no viruses or spyware in your PC or laptop right off the bat. And we’ll make sure you have solid antivirus protection going forward if you don’t already.

Next, we remove garbage and junk files that may have been sitting there taking up space. Buckeye will get rid of any unwanted or unneeded programs including all those annoying browser toolbars that you never wanted in the first place! A good registry cleaning for your Knightdale NC computer will follow to eliminate those odd little behaviors like launching a completely unexpected program when you try to open a file and more.

Knightdale Computer Repair Technician

Knightdale Computer Repair Technician at work

We’ll check your startup programs.Do you really need all those programs firing up when the computer comes on? Many times we’ll find old printer software firing up even though you got rid of that old printer years ago! And that kind of stuff just wastes your computer’s resources – we get rid of it! We top it all off with a thorough disk defragmentation and put it finally through our quality assurance test to make sure we got everything right BEFORE we tell you that your Knightdale computer is back in good shape! If we wouldn’t want to use it, we don’t want YOU to use it.

Knightdale Computer Repair

Sometimes, more than just a good cleaning is needed – though it will do wonders especially if you’ve never had it done before! In those cases, we offer a free diagnostics service. Is your computer randomly shutting down or locking up? Or the DVD drive won’t open anymore? Your computer monitor display all garbled and distorted? These are the kinds of things that we resolve for you with our big town quality and small town prices really shining. No big diagnostics charges, just honest person to person conversation about what your computer problems really are and how we would like to fix your Knightdale computer!