Garner Computer Repair

At Buckeye PC, we know how to repair your Garner NC computer – desktop or laptop. We’ve been doing computer repair in Garner for a number of customers over the years – and we’re frickin’ good at it!

First things first.If your computer is running slow or just acting a little quirky, contact Buckeye PC about just doing a general computer cleaning for you. We’ll go through your computer, get rid of all the trash files and tidy up the ones that are left to make sure your disk is as clean as possible. We’ll do a quick scan of your computer to make sure we don’t have any computer virus issues.

Be a happy Garner computer user!

Be a happy Garner computer user!

Garner Computer Repairs

Garner Hard Drive Repairs
Replace hard drives
Data Recovery
Remove Computer Viruses
Laptop/Notebook Computer Repairs
Slow computers
Computer won’t boot
Upgrade Windows
Blue Screens
“Just not working right”
Can’t login / Forgot password
Documents missing/Desktop links all gone
Install new printers/hardware

Speed up that slow running computer!

We’ll go through your startup items and make sure that all those files that are being called up are where your operating system thinks they should be. We’ll get rid of the ones that might have gotten left from old software that are no longer useful. Then we’ll go through your computer registry and get rid of anything that’s just not useful anymore. We call this registry cleaning. This should get rid of all those quirky behaviors. And now you should be left with a quick running, clean computer ready for whatever you want to throw at it!

Need to remove computer virus from your Garner computer?

Upgrade Computer in Garner NC

Garner Computer Upgrades

Let’s see what we can upgrade on your Garnercomputer!

Have a computer that needs to run faster – even after a good cleanup?In some cases, particularly when your computer is more than a few years old, it’s actually cheaper and a lot more effective to just get a new computer. Feel free to talk to us about that, but in other cases when your computer isn’t that old, maybe all you need is a little more memory or a faster processor. And we can help you with that!

We can replace your processor with a faster processor in some cases and get the most out of your current computer that is possible. In other cases, particularly with computers with less than 2 GB of RAM memory, we can make your computer really move just by adding in more computer memory! Not all computers can handle all upgrades, so contact us at one of our two locations or just bring your computer on by for a quick check to see what kind of computer upgrade we can make to your Garner computer!