Taking Good Care of Your PC

computer upgrade memorySome PC and laptop issues can be avoided simply by taking good care of your machine. You can avoid situations that put your computer at risk by exercising caution. Let’s look at some simple steps to take to ensure your PC is out of harm’s way.

Allow the computer to ‘breathe’

Your machine is likely to get damaged when it gets hot. This usually happens when there’s just not enough space for the PC to ‘breathe’. Cool air needs to come in and hot air should go out. For this to happen, you need to ensure the computer is placed with plenty of space around the tower. If you are using a laptop, get a fan mat to avoid overheating.

Lift the laptop gently

Some people have a habit of lifting the laptop by the screen. Always hold the machine on the base when carrying it. Using the screen to lift your computer can end up damaging the components inside. You’ll end up spending a lot of money on repairs.

How to clean your PC

Avoid using liquid cleaning products to remove dust on your computer. Dust should be safely removed using compressed air. Good thing with this method is that it also helps to insulate the heat inside the machine. Getting rid of dust every so often helps to keep the computer’s hardware in perfect working condition.



Avoid placing heavy items on the computer

Some people have a habit of stacking heavy items on top of their laptop and this can cause serious damage. The screen is usually very sensitive and when the weight becomes too much, it’s likely to break. Computer screens do not come cheap and this is a cost you can avoid.

Always update your antivirus software

To protect your computer software from malware attacks, make sure you have updated antivirus software installed. This is especially important if you often browse using the machine. There is a lot of malicious software that your machine can be easily exposed to without antivirus software. Install one that works best for your machine and you’ll be able to avoid data loss and costly repairs.

Keep your coffee away from the computer

Sounds so obvious, right? We all have a habit of taking tea or water while working on your computer. Using liquids close to your computer is really risky because if it spills, you may end up damaging your machine.

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