Clayton Computer Repairs

Clayton PC Repairs get you moving again!We repair computers right here in town almost each and every day.  Clayton is home to our dropoff location, so we see a LOT of local PCs on a daily basis.  We’re proud to be part of the community and like to be able to give our customers the absolute best service possible!

PC Computer Repairs in Clayton NC

Hard Drive Repairs
Replace hard drives
Data Recovery
Remove Computer Viruses
Laptop/Notebook Computer Repairs
Slow computers
Computer won’t boot
Upgrade Windows
Blue Screens
“Just not working right”
Can’t login / Forgot password
Documents missing/Desktop links all gone
Install new printers/hardware

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Repairing PC Computers and Cleaning

We perform general cleaning on computers day in and day out.  Most people come to us when their machine is running slow. Sometimes it’s  a computer virus, but many times, they’ve just never had their computer properly cleaned.  A lot of people try to do this themselves and it can be effective, but there’s a huge difference between doing your own computer cleaning and getting a pro to do it for you.

We know what makes your computer tick and we know exactly how we can get it to run in tip-top form!  Call to schedule an onsite PC repair OR you can bring your computer to our Clayton location for a quick dropoff, repair and then delivery back to you!  Usually the SAME DAY!

Have a computer virus on your Clayton computer?

Computer Repair Apex NC

Computer Repair Clayton NC – We solve your computer problems!

We will do a general file cleaning on your computer – we’ll get rid of all those temp files that have built up all over your computer.  We’ll check your registry to get rid of any leftover pieces of old programs or entries that just aren’t right any more. We’ll do a quick scan to make sure you don’t have any virus issues going on and finally we’ll defragment it properly and thoroughly to give you the best performance you can possibly squeeze out of your  computer!

New Computers in Clayton?

People often bring in computers that are admittedly past their prime.  It can often cost more to actually repair some of these computers than it would cost to just get a new computer.  We can usually find you or point you to a great new (or even refurbished) computer if you are interested.  We’re always honest with you about your computer.  We’d rather get you into a new computer than we would charge you for hours and hours of labor on a computer that will STILL be slow and about useless by the time we’re done.  Sometimes it just works that way – and we’ll be upfront and honest with you if we see it coming.

Do you have questions about Windows 7? Windows 8? Windows 10? And what the heck happened with Windows 9? If you’ve got a lot of questions about your computer, your Windows operating system, or anything else computer-related, we would be glad to work with you. So many times your machine doesn’t work quite the way you want it to out-of-the-box. Very often, it’s something that can be adjusted quickly and easily to make that machine do exactly what you want – people just usually don’t how to do it themselves. That’s why we’re here

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